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Oklahoma City, OK


Final Descent Outdoors is going into it’s fourth year of being a national hunting show and our fifth year overall. With staff scattered from Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas we are yearly able to harvest some great deer and capture some amazing footage for our viewers to enjoy. We take pride in the fact that we are “average joe’s” just like our viewers. We are school teacher, firefighters, ministers, salesmen, truck drivers, and everyday folks. The goal of Final Descent Outdoors is to produce the absolute best outdoor television possible for our fans and feature our sponsors and their products that help make us successful in the woods. 

We are passionate about hunting but we are also passionate about our faith in Jesus Christ. In life as well as the show our goal is to make God look good. Furthermore, we are family men and God has called each of us to lead our families. Our spouses and children come before any hunting season. We want to allow our viewers to walk with us through the unforgettable moments, the laughs, and the heart breaks. Aren’t those the emotions that bring us back to the woods over and over again?

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The Harvest: Satan's Lies

Brad Clay

For 12yrs I served as a vocational minister.  I had the chance to speak to thousands of teenagers as a youth pastor as well as adults over that time frame.  When God called me out on this CRAZY adventure to do outdoor ministry full time it was scary.  The unknown of financial stability is scary but I knew what God was calling me to do.  Every week we average nearly 100,000 viewers.  In my 12yrs of doing ministry I wasn't able to reach anywhere close to that amount of people.  It's an honor but also a huge responsibility to properly share the Gospel the best we possibly can.  

In this installment of The Harvest we are looking at an email from a young man from Florida for happened to catch Final Descent Outdoors on the Pursuit Channel on a Thursday afternoon.

"My name is Darren and I came across your show for the first time today and felt like emailing you about what I saw.  Here is the back story.  I committed a white collar crime and went to jail over it for a short time.  Through this mess my wife left me and has full custody of our kids.  I've struggled to find another job and have been forced to move back home with my parents.  My life has literally crumbled within the last year.  I've been battling depression and it's been bad, really bad.  So bad that earlier this week I wrote a suicide note.  But I happened to catch your show today and at the end you talked about how God has a plan for each and every one of us and that no matter how bad it gets God is still in control and that he still has a plan.  I realized God is not done with me.  Life is tough right now but I'm ready to get back on my feet and keep fighting.  Thank you for doing what you do, it literally saved my life.

Wait, what?  God said all of that through a hunting show?  You see, God allows us to step into the home of hundreds of thousands of men and open His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to work on the hearts of men.  Crying I emailed him back and encouraging him and reminding him his children need a daddy.  You see, he had forgot his need for his Heavenly Father.  I'm honored our program could bring him back to the Lord, save his life, and allow his children to continue to have a father.

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Author Brad Clay is the host of Final Descent Outdoors and a licensed and ordained minister in Oklahoma.  Brad served for 12yrs in vocational ministry before stepping out to do full time outdoor ministry in 2013. Brad resides in Edmond, OK and is married with four children.