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Oklahoma City, OK


Final Descent Outdoors is going into it’s fourth year of being a national hunting show and our fifth year overall. With staff scattered from Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas we are yearly able to harvest some great deer and capture some amazing footage for our viewers to enjoy. We take pride in the fact that we are “average joe’s” just like our viewers. We are school teacher, firefighters, ministers, salesmen, truck drivers, and everyday folks. The goal of Final Descent Outdoors is to produce the absolute best outdoor television possible for our fans and feature our sponsors and their products that help make us successful in the woods. 

We are passionate about hunting but we are also passionate about our faith in Jesus Christ. In life as well as the show our goal is to make God look good. Furthermore, we are family men and God has called each of us to lead our families. Our spouses and children come before any hunting season. We want to allow our viewers to walk with us through the unforgettable moments, the laughs, and the heart breaks. Aren’t those the emotions that bring us back to the woods over and over again?

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Hunter Uses Atlatl to Kill Buck

Brad Clay


And you thought a recurve was hard?  It appears that Paul Gragg used an atlatl in St. Charles County Missouri to harvest a giant 15pt buck.  Gregg stated that it was the first time he had actually thrown it at a deer.  Maybe you are like a lot of folks and you are not aware of what an atlatl is exactly.  The atlatl (pronounced "at-uhl at-uhl") was used to throw spears or darts prior to the appearance of the bow and arrow. The spear thrower's arm is essentially lengthened and with a spring like action can add a much great force than just throwing with your hand.  The darts ranged from 4ft-5ft in length. The atlatl was used by many Native American tribes for hunting deer, elk, bison and other wild game.  It was also used by Natives in the Arctic for hunting seals and even whales.  Pretty cool!  Congrats Paul Gragg on an awesome buck taken in a very unique way!